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Sterling Volunteers' integration with Ident-A-Kid allows you to:

Informed decisions

Make More Informed Decisions. Background checks are NOT created equal – quality and consistency vary widely. Sterling Volunteers background checks are the most accurate available and include the Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry – the only “real-time” and comprehensive source of sex offender information in the U.S.

Monthly updates

Receive Free Monthly Updates. Other checks are “one and done”. Sterling Volunteers are updated free of charge each month for the first year, so you have the added security of monitoring your volunteers for new criminal records – 12 checks for the price of one!

Reduce costs

Reduce Your Screening Costs. Preserve your budget by allowing (or requiring) volunteers to pay for all or part of their screening – or asking for an optional contribution. Thanks to volunteer contributions, clients report saving an average of 40% on screening and of those volunteers who contribute, on average, they cover 90% of their background check cost.

Eliminate Admin

Eliminate Administrative Burdens. Sterling Volunteers is integrated within Ident-A-Kid's software, saving you time, money and the hassle of working with two separate systems.